Eagle of Iran

About Us


We are a group of ex-military (pre-1979 Iranian revolution), politician and intellectual individuals who deploy our expertise and personal resources to instill freedom and democracy in Iran. We strongly believe that the Islamic Regime is the root-cause of the miserable daily life in Iran and that the regime uses the country’s wealth to promote fanaticism, hostility and terrorism around the world. As a major opposition force to this barbaric regime, we help to train and educate the Iranians to rise up, grasp control of the country and feely elect a democratic government.

The Eagle of Iran Group was founded and is currently led by Maj. Gen. Mehdi Rohani who states that a “coordinated surge of the masses has no military defense”. His thesis relies on using a peaceful, tsunami-style, widespread uprising to seize control of the country and then carry out a free and transparent election to form a secular and democratic government.

We believe that a modern and pragmatic government in Iran will stabilize the region and brings security and prosperity to all nations around the world. Please act as our voice to help us make the world a better place for all mankind.